Life is Art

After two decades of traveling the world as a musician, performer and guerrilla street artist, Thomas has focused his energy and talents on mixed media collage. Since 2010 he has devoted himself to art production, developing a personal style that incorporates his unique journeys and experiences, which give each piece a sense of adventure.

Thomas Elanore was born in Queens, N.Y. After graduating from the University of New Paltz, with a major in Psychology, Thomas toured the country with his music group and settled in San Francisco, where he became part of the early 90’s burgeoning Burning Man scene. He was Art Director of the Cyberbuss, a nomadic art project related to the rise of the internet. He was an early proponent of “guerrilla street art” or making large unauthorized sculptures on the city fringes, some of which were featured in magazines world-wide.

The end of 2001 bought Thomas to Europe, where he would live for 9 years, based in Italy, playing a vibrant role in the avant-garde art scene. Back in the States, Thomas has been part of the posthuman community. His work was featured at the 2nd Global Posthuman Symposium “Postman Future” at NYU; he is also presenting at the 11th Beyond Humanism Conference at the University of Lille, France, in July 2019. 

The 21st Century is an era of unprecedented visions. Thomas is excited to be part of it and to share his visual work, which invites viewers to tap into themselves. Each gaze is a journey.


What and Why

Enter the Labyrinth, where you can get lost safely, and find unlimited meanings…

I make my art work as a form of meditation, tapping into the collective consciousness, listening to sacred music to connect to the flow of energy I wish to manifest visually. Each finished work is comprised of hundreds of individual images seamlessly woven together to form a living, breathing journey. My goal for both myself and the viewer is to challenge the visual space, inspire awe and ultimately take a ride that will lead to a transformative experience.

What you see reflects who you are in that specific moment of your life, a changing mirror that reveals the deepest intuition of the Self. This is why, no matter how many times you look at these images, they will always bring new meanings and sensations. These works are journeys of self-discovery to the labyrinth within.

They show the interrelation of existence. Everything is related: humanity, ecology, technology. And these works are constantly changing: every time you look at them, you find new relations, intra-relations, co-existence. These are mythological works, windows to the multiverse, representations of multiple dimensions.


You can reach the sky with the fragments of a staircase…

This is an open dialogue  between the states of the self of the viewers, as well as between the artist and the material. It is not only what I want to manifest, but it also about what comes to me, in the images I find. This is why my preferred medium is the found object, the discarded, the forgotten, the lost: it comes with a history, a sense of mystery and an energy. 

For many years I travelled the world involved with various performance art projects and while I didn’t have the capacity to carry supplies, I could always roam the streets wherever I was in search of fresh material: the recycle bin, strewn fliers in an alley, a puzzle piece or rusty wire, a crinkled photo. All would become the colors, textures and rhythms for my palette. This how over the years I taught myself, a in sense to “paint without paints.” 

Fast forward to 2019. I am living in Queens for the past 9 years. Having this sedentary space has provided me the opportunity to fine tune my work and take it to the level I am proud to present today: New York, the city of multi-faith visions, is the perfect nest for my work to. The art world is already echoing with the need to reach the sky. We are ready. 

Photos y Joachim Brennsteiner and Michael Bennet

Photos y Joachim Brennsteiner and Michael Bennet